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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Valheim server patched up?

Follow these steps to quickly get your server patched up. Open & login to the Steam application. Click on the “Library” tab. In the search input, type in “Valheim Dedicated Server”. In the search results, left-click once on the “Valheim Dedicated Server” option. Click on the “Update” button (See image below)

What is the Valheim server command prompt?

When a Valheim dedicated server is running, there will be an open command prompt running the valheim_server.exe application. The command prompt is your window into the state of the server, as it displays various information about the server, from player connections, server events, and more.

Can I install Valheim on a dedicated server?

There is no need to install Steam on dedicated servers. Valheim can be installed on dedicated server via SteamCMD (Steam Pipe). This guide will walk you through the process. Create a folder for SteamCMD.

How do I test the default version of Valheim?

Before we launch this update to the Default version of the game, we want to make sure to have a chance to discover bugs and adjust the balancing, to give you the best game experience possible. Access the Public Test branch by right clicking Valheim in your Steam library, and then select ‘Properties’.

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