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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose United Community Bank?

At United Community Bank, we believe in combining top-of-the-line financial solutions for our customers. Our industry-leading experts and full suite of digital banking services are here to give you the tools you need to meet your financial goals. Bringing banking to you.

What is unitedunited Community Bank's ABA routing number?

United Community Bank's ABA routing number is 061112843. Can I transfer funds from my checking or saving accounts to make a loan payment? Yes. Personal Online Banking customers can transfer funds from checking or savings accounts to make a loan payment as long as the accounts are viewable through Online Banking.

How do I leave my United Community Bank web session?

By clicking this link you are leaving the Bank's website. Whenever possible, this link will open a new browser window and leave your United Community Bank Web session in the original browser window.

Is UCB ready to help you?

If you're looking to buy, build, or refinance, UCB is ready to help! Your browser doesn't support the HTML5 video tag. The link you selected is to a third-party or affiliate site that is not maintained or operated by United Community Bank. By clicking this link you are leaving the Bank's website.

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