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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of under?

English Language Learners Definition of under (Entry 2 of 2) : in or to a lower place than (something) : below or beneath (something) : guided or managed by (a person or group) : controlled or affected by (something)

What is the meaning of under the law?

10. in accordance with: under the provisions of the law. 11. during the administration or reign of: laws passed under President Lincoln. 12. in the state or process of: under construction. 13. below or beneath something: Go over the fence, not under. 14. beneath the surface.

What is the prefix for under?

a prefixal use of under, as to indicate place or situation below or beneath ( underbrush; undertow ); lower in grade or dignity ( undersheriff; understudy ); of lesser degree, extent, or amount ( undersized ); or insufficiency ( underfeed ).

What is the meaning of the word underside?

below or beneath something: Go over the fence, not under. beneath the surface. in a lower place. in a lower degree, amount, etc.: selling blouses for $25 and under. in a subordinate position or condition. in or into subjection or submission. beneath or on the underside: the under threads of the embroidery.

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