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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Daily Mail cost in the UK?

This is its first rise for five years, a period when the cost of many of our competitors has gone up far more. Even at £1, the Saturday Daily Mail is half the price of some rival newspapers. The price of your weekday Daily Mail will stay at 65p.

How credible is the Daily Mail?

“The Daily Mail is generally unreliable..” “As a result, the Daily Mail should not be used for determining notability, nor should it be used as a source in articles. An edit filter should be put in place going forward to warn editors attempting to use the Daily Mail as a reference.”

Does the UK Mail deliver on Saturdays?

Yes, Royal Mail delivers on Saturdays. All the Royal Mail services run as usual on Saturdays. Royal Mail post offices remain open on this day, so you can visit your nearest Royal Mail post office to ask regarding your queries or any other important information.

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