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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we UB40?

We are UB40 featuring Ali Campbell and Astro, both founding members of the original UB40. Ali left the original band in 2008 siting business management issues and was vindicated when said managers were struck off.

Does UB40 have a YouTube channel?

Enjoy. Also on tour behind the scenes footage for our fans. Official UB40 Youtube Channel, Videos and Music by UB40 Welcome to the Official UB40 Youtube Channel. Enjoy. Also on tour behind the scenes footage for our fans.

What is the iissn for UB40?

ISSN 0140-0460. Retrieved 11 November 2021. ^ a b c Youngs, Ian (2 May 2008). "Entertainment | UB40 singer replaced by brother". BBC News. Retrieved 27 January 2011. ^ "UB40 replace Duncan Campbell with Matt Doyle as lead singer".

What influenced ubub40?

UB40 were influenced by the many blues parties they attended as teenagers in the multicultural Balsall Heath area of Birmingham. Their love of ska, reggae and early lovers rock inspired such original tracks as "King", "Madam Medusa", "Food for Thought", "Signing Off" and "One in Ten".

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