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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the assessor's office in Tulsa OK?

Tulsa County Assessor's Office. Address. 500 South Denver Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74103. Phone. 918-596-5100. Fax. 918-596-5101.

How are property taxes determined in Tulsa?

Property taxes are determined at local levels, being used for schools, fire and police protection, and other public services and benefits. Tulsa County Assessor determines the market value for all taxable real property in the county.

Where can I find Tulsa County's tax roll information?

Tulsa County Treasurer's Website Tax Roll Search. #N#. #N#Tax roll information was last updated : 4/5/2021 at 5:36:13 AM. John M. Fothergill. Tulsa County Treasurer. 218 W. 6th St., 8th Floor.

How does the appraisal system work in Tulsa County?

Tulsa County's appraisal system is based on modern, sound and nationally accepted appraisal principles and methods. The County Assessor's only function is assessment of property. The Assessor's office does not set your tax rate or collect taxes.

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