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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TSP same as 401k?

The 401k and the TSP have nearly identical plan structures. The TSP is essentially a 401k for federal employees. The government created this retirement account so federal employees could save for retirement with the same advantages as private-sector employees. Both accounts allow you to make tax-deductible contributions to a retirement account.

How do I access my TSP?

Quick Answer. The TSP account can be accessed by entering the User ID or TSP account number and the Web password on the official website, states Thrift Savings Plan. This enables the account holder to view the information in the account and carry out transactions.

Is TSP better than Vanguard?

Since the TSP offers the lowest cost funds available anywhere, it provides a slightly better value than Vanguard. (The TSP is almost certainly a better value than the second employer's 401 (k) plans, which on average have expenses 30 to 40 times worse than the TSP; see fees .)

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