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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good pick up truck?

Consumer Reports ' newfound love of Chevrolet continues with its surprising choice as the best pickup truck in the land. It's the new Chevrolet Silverado 1500, which it rates excellent in road testing.

What do you use your pickup truck for?

Get paid to haul stuff away. Lots of businesses need you to get rid of stuff they don't need! ... Local business deliveries. Small local businesses could use your help to deliver their products locally. ... Wrap your pickup truck. ... Haul building supplies. ... Garage sale deliveries. ... Offer landscaping services. ... Snow plowing services. ... More items...

Can I use a pickup truck for Lyft?

You can use GoShare to get a pickup truck or van on demand. Similar to Uber or Lyft. Great for delivering big box items or if you need help moving or hauling.

What is a pick up truck?

A pickup truck, also spelled “pick-up truck,” is a light motor vehicle that has an enclosed cab in the front and a cargo area in the back with an open top.

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