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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 1973 Triumph TR6?

1973 Triumph TR6 Project/Parts car This car was purchased as a project car about 15-20 years ago. It was running and moving then but as life got in the way, the car was tucked under a deck ... Read More We are World Imports USA / Lotus of Jacksonville. Since 1986 we have sold thousands of cars both local and worldwide.

How much does a Triumph TR6 door cost?

Triumph TR6 doors , left door is excellent right door has had some repair. Glass and regulators still in place. $350 for the pair. Have other doors and parts available.

Is the Triumph TR6 a Hot Wheels Car?

The Triumph TR6 has only been sold by itself twice in the last 10 years, including this new edition. Its other appearances in the previous decade came within multi-packs. As for that "54" on the side, well, 2021 is the 54th year in which Hot Wheels cars have been made. Seriously.

What's new in a 73 TR6?

Refurbished 73 tr6. Brand new interior, (seats, carpets, panel kit) soft top, red wall tires, bushings, rotars and pads, stereo system with sub in the trunk. Beautiful car that is currently on the ...

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