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Frequently Asked Questions

How do addiction treatment centers in Riverside work?

Treatment centers in Riverside help clients with substance abuse issues, drug abuse, and pain treatment, as well as eating disorders. Treatment centers generally offer 30-day recovery programs, or longer term 60 and 90-day programs. The first step when you arrive in treatment is to begin a drug detox or alcohol detox.

Do Riverside County treatment centers accept Medicaid insurance?

These Riverside County Treatment Centers accept Medicaid insurance. They include Medicaid Treatment Centers in Riverside County, Medicaid psychologists and Medicaid counseling. Please check with A Riverside County Treatment Center who accepts Medicaid before confirming an appointment to ensure that you are eligible.

What are the benefits of outpatient treatment in Riverside?

Full treatment services, including medical and behavioral therapy, are provided all at one location. Outpatient treatment programs in Riverside provide flexibility to those who are unable to take time away from their regular lives, work or school.

What is a comprehensive treatment center?

Comprehensive treatment centers help adults age 18 and older who are struggling with substance use disorders. When you or someone you love receives care at a comprehensive treatment center, you will benefit from medically supervised medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in combination with counseling.

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