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Frequently Asked Questions

What is transpiler and how does it work?

Transpiler knows how to do this because it understands the syntax rules of the input language. Given this understanding, the transpiler builds what is called Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). The next step is to transform the AST to suit the target language. This is then used to generate code in the target language.

What is transpiling in C?

Transpiling. is a specific term for taking source code written in one language and transforming into another language that has a similar level of abstraction. So (simplistically) when you compile C#, your method bodies are transformed by the compiler into IL. This cannot be called transpiling because the two languages are very different levels ...

What is the difference between ES6 transpiler and compiler?

Babel transpiler can also be used for ES6 JS code to ES5 JS code. Whereas compilers also convert the code from one language to other language but both languages are very different in abstraction level. e.g. .java to .class file compilation. The difference between transpiler and compiler is in the level of abstraction in the output.

What programming languages does universal-transpiler translate?

Universal-transpiler can also translate programming languages into the KIF ontology language. Universal-transpiler can also translate various grammar notations, such as jison, marpa, peg.js, and nearley.

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