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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TransferWise safe to use?

Luckily, TransferWise is one of the few services to transfer money abroad that has proven to be safe and secure. TransferWise is also simple. According to multiple verified reviews, TransferWise is one of the safest services to transfer money overseas services currently available.

How to use TransferWise?

Step by step guide Enter the amount you want to send and the currency you are sending from and to. The exchange rate and total fees will be displayed instantly. ... Provide personal details and the name of the person you're sending money to. Enter the recipient's IBAN and his bank's BIC/SWIFT code. ... The last step is to upload money to Wise. ...

Is TransferWise a bank?

Because TransferWise has a bank account in each country, it's technically a local transfer for the client and a local transfer for me, so they charge just 1%. The best part is that my clients don't even have to sign up for an account, and neither one of us has to pay large fees! It's all very simple.

What is transfer wise?

TransferWise is the clever new way to convert money to send abroad. The idea is very simple. Instead of making one international transfer, two local transfers are made. For example if you want to send pounds to euro, instead of making one international transfer with high fees, TransferWise makes two local transfers.

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