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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the transfer portal new to college football?

The transfer portal is a newer wrinkle to the world of college football, and coaches and players alike are still learning to adapt to the volatility of this new system.

Is the transfer portal a good or bad idea?

The transfer portal was a good idea that has unintentionally gone bad for thousands of high school athletes in all sports. The concept of the portal was to give college athletes more control over their decisions and futures, but it has quickly and completely changed the way college coaches recruit.

Is the transfer portal killing high school recruiting?

“The transfer portal is killing high school recruiting and robbing good kids of the opportunity to go to college,” says John Brantley, a state championship-winning coach at Ocala Trinity Catholic. “Something has to be done.”

Who are the 842 football players in the NCAA transfer portal?

Former UCF star quarterback Dillon Gabriel is one of the ever-expanding 842 FBS players (as of Friday) in the transfer portal, according to 247Sports. com. These players are rightfully taking advantage of the new NCAA legislation allowing athletes a one-time free transfer to another college without having to sit out a season.

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