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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when I see “transfer market is down”?

They could mean: the Transfer Market is currently down for maintenance. If you dismiss the message before you get a chance to see which one you got, you’ll be able to see it any time you try to access the Transfer Market. Was this article helpful?

What are the post market metrics of Technology Transfer?

There are many later stage, post-market metrics of technology transfer and com- mercialization performance such as job creation, employee wages, sales, and market capitalization of academic-derived enterprises and firms which license IP.

How can the federal government foster technology transfer?

To foster technology transfer of these discoveries, the federal government should increase research funding under a special commercialization pool, which includes monitoring innovation pipeline metrics.

What is a Technology Transfer Office (TTO)?

Most major U.S. research universities support a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) that actively seeks, registers, and patents IP, and manages the commercialization of their discoveries. Professional TTO staff regularly engages with university researchers to assess whether there is potential commercial merit to early-stage research.

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