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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use transferfoil on fabric?

Transfer Foils Very simple to use for lustrous effects on any fabric or other surface. Stunning on velvets! Apply plexiglue (or another suitable glue) in your design, leave to dry and attach foil - see manufacturers instructions. Alternatively use with strong double-sided tape, or Bondaweb with an iron or other suitable heating tool.

How do you color transfer foil?

Here’s the process… Place Transfer Foil “Color Side Up” and rub with finger onto the adhesive which has been applied to the new surface below. The color will transfer to the surface wherever the sticky adhesive was applied.

What is a transfertransfer foil?

Transfer foils add a metallic, holographic or other pattern to a surface by transferring a coating on the “foil” to the surface. Some type of adhesive is usually used to “attract and hold” the coating to the new surface, although heat from a stamp, heat pen or even laminator can be used.

What type of transfer foil should I use for artwork?

Artists and crafters commonly use metallic transfer foil, as it’s the easiest type of foil to find. Transfer foils also come matte, clear, tinted, pigmented, pearl, holographic, patterned, and more. Transfer foil needs adhesive to grab it and pull it off the plastic film top layer.

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