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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started with heat press transfers?

Ready to get started with heat press transfers? All you need is a heat press and custom screen printed heat transfers to print your own shirts. Unlimited resources and our team of experts are ready to help you grow your t-shirt business.

Why choose shareshoreline transfer?

Shoreline Transfer is a family owned logistics company, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Superior customer service, seamless communication, and competitive pricing allow our company to achieve success in a diverse marketplace.

Can You Make your own T-shirt heat transfer design?

Create t-shirt heat transfer designs with no art or skill needed. Utilizing Easy View Online Designer, you can customize any design template in seconds. Choose your layout. Make it your own. Place your order. Start Designing Now! Customize over 5,000 layouts and 10,000 clip art to create the perfect design.

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