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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has to pay the Venice city tax?

Anyone who’s coming into Venice or the Islands in the lagoon and doesn’t stay in a hotel, B&B or any other official accommodation inside the city, Venice or Mestre, and thus already is paying the local city tax of 2 – 5 euro.

How much will the Venice tourist tax cost in 2021?

The Venice tourist tax will be functional from April 1, 2021. The Fee will probably be, in the first round: 3 euro on days with normal tourist flow, and 6 euro on days of exceptional crowds. Possibly even stretching to 8 euro. The Coronavirus-crisis has changed the conditions for the whole tourist-sector in Venice.

How much does it cost to stay in Venice?

As a visitor to Venice, you will not notice this extra tourist tax directly. The hotels and other accommodation included this tax already in their nightly rates. You can imagine; a stay of 3 nights will already cost you an extra of max. € 13,50. But this depends on your accommodation and the season.

Why is there a tax on tourism in Veneto?

The tax introduction is the result of the decision of the Italian government and Venetian city. They permitted the local Italian authorities to stimulate tourism for the long term, which means the preservation of cultural heritage, the environment, and financing of public services.

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