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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tourist destination in the west?

Best of the West: Top Tourist Destinations 1 Las Vegas. 2 San Francisco. 3 Pacific Coast Highway. 4 Route 66. 5 California Wine Country. 6 Santa Barbara. 7 Los Angeles. 8 San Diego. 9 Yosemite National Park. 10 Lake Tahoe. More items...

What is the best place to visit in the USA?

Best Places to Visit in the USA. Grand Canyon. #1 in Best Places to Visit in the USA. Yosemite. Yellowstone. Glacier National Park. New York City.

What are the top 13 destinations in the southwestern US?

The Top 13 Destinations in the Southwestern US. 1 Horseshoe Bend. TripSavvy / Kathleen Messmer. 2 Grand Canyon. 3 Monument Valley. 4 Meteor Crater. 5 Cathedral Rock. More items

Where to visit on the west coast in California?

10 Best Places to Visit on the West Coast USA. 1 Seattle, Washington. Welcome to the city where top companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks started. Seattle is the natural starting point for ... 2 San Francisco, California. 3 Portland, Oregon. 4 Las Vegas, Nevada. 5 Los Angeles, California. More items

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