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Frequently Asked Questions

What is exactly the meaning of tourism?

tourism noun[U]/ˈtʊrˌɪz·əm/ US› the businessof providingservices, such as transportation,placesto stay, or entertainment, for tourists And, the UNWTO-United Nation World Tourism Organization...

What are the principles of tourism?

Sustainable Tourism Info-Sheets Principles of Sustainable Tourism. Tourism should provide quality employment to its community residents and a linkage between the local businesses and tourism should be established. A code of practice should be established for tourism at all levels - national, regional, and local - based on internationally accepted...

What is tourism and its types?

Domestic tourism Domestic tourism If your tour remains inside of your country itself, it's called domestic tourism. International tourism Travel outside your country needs a visa and passport; it's called International tourism. ... Outbound Tourism This tourism defines a tourist travelling for a holiday to a different country. ... More items...

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