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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the touchpad scrolling not working on Windows 10?

Here’s how to fix your Touchpad scroll not working Windows 10 by changing the pointer. 1. Hit Windows key, type Control Panel, and click Open. 2. Set View by > Large icons and click on Mouse. 3. Navigate to the Pointers tab in the Mouse Properties window. 4A. Open the drop-down list under the Scheme and choose a different pointer.

What should I do if the touchpad is not working on Windows 10?

Check the touchpad's battery. If the touchpad connects to the Windows 10 device using Bluetooth and stops working properly, its batteries might be running out of power. Replace the old batteries with new ones to see if this fixes the problems you experienced.

What is the best way to fix two finger scrolling not working in Windows 10?

At Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound > Mouse. Click the Device Settings tab. (Note: the Device Settings tab only appears when the touchpad driver is installed.) Expand MultiFinger Gestures, and select the Two-Finger Scrolling box. Click Apply.

Can I rollback my touchpad driver to an earlier version to fix the scrolling issue?

Many users fix their touchpad not scrolling issue by rolling back the driver. Follow the steps below. On your keyboard, press Windows key + X key together to open quick-access menu. Then click Device Manager to open it. Find and expand Mice and other pointing devices dialog.

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