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Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems are supported by the touchpad driver package?

This package provides Touchpad Driver (Elan, Synaptics, ALPS) and is supported on 330-14IGM, 330-15IGM and running the following Operating Systems: Windows 10 (64-bit) Was this information helpful?

How to find touchpad driver in Windows 10?

To find your touchpad in Device Manager, first, launch the Device Manager appfrom the Win+X shortcut menu. After that, under your PC name, locate the Mice and other pointing devicescategory and expand it by clicking on its drop-down button. Here, you can view your touchpad driver.

How to fix touchpad driver not showing up in Device Manager?

Here are the fixes you can try if the Touchpad driver is not showing up in your Device Manager of Windows 11/10: Run Hardware and Devices troubleshooter. Show hidden devices in Device Manager. Update the touchpad driver. Restore BIOS to default. Run an SFC scan. Let us check out the above fixes in detail now!

Is there an option to turn off touchpad?

Also there is no option for off or no in touchpad settings, ( which was shown in various videos and answers). Screenshot attached. Also I checked for systems updates if any available, but there where no pending updating. Also check for driver updates in device manager>Mice and other pointing device> ELAN

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