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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tornado watch warning?

A tornado warning means that a tornado has been spotted on radar and cover should be taken immediately. A tornado watch is less severe than a warning, meaning that conditions are favorable for the development of a tornado, but one has yet to develop.

What does tornado warning mean?

The NWS issues a warning if a tornado has already touched down or if radar indicates that a tornado is forming. A tornado warning tells everyone in the affected area to act as though a tornado is coming and to get to safety immediately. A tornado can happen at any time.

What is the definition of tornado warning?

A tornado warning (SAME code: TOR) is an alert issued by national weather forecasting agencies to warn the public that severe thunderstorms with tornadoes are imminent or occurring. It can be issued after a tornado, funnel cloud and rotation in the clouds has been spotted by the public, storm chasers, emergency management or law enforcement.

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