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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when a tornado watch is issued?

Watches are issued by the Storm Prediction Center for counties where tornadoes may occur. The watch area is typically large, covering numerous counties or even states. Tornado Warning: Take Action! A tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar.

Did Gary Lezak compare Taco Tuesdays to tornadoes?

KSHB chief meteorologist Gary Lezak made Taco Tuesdays educational by comparing the tasty foodstuffs to tornadoes. Lezak, who has worked at the station for more than 25 years, was aiming to explain the difference between a tornado warning and a tornado watch.

Are tornado alerts worth the risk?

While there's nothing humorous about tornado alerts, if it helps remember the difference between a watch and a warning, then it's worth it. Tornadoes kill an average of 75 to 80 people in the US every year and without these warnings in place, that number could be much greater, according to Bunting.

What is the difference between a warning and a watch?

Out of this context, a warning is something that might not happen. People warn you like "hey, that park has a lot of bees" and you might not see a bee. Warnings are often for things that are just worries, not certainties. On the other hand, watch can mean right now.

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