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Frequently Asked Questions

What do toolsmiths trade?

As the name suggests, toolsmith trades various tools and tool-related items. At the apprentice level, this guy will trade emeralds for iron. The best trade unlocks at the Expert and Master level.

How do you trade with villagers in Minecraft?

Minecraft - Trading with Villagers. To trade with villagers, right-click them, and a trade menu will appear. To trade emeralds with villagers, the player must place them into the trading menu's left slot in the amount requested above the slot. The player can then take the resulting item from the right slot. This applies conversely to obtaining emeralds in trade.

What is a smithing table Minecraft?

Smithing Table A smithing table is a toolsmith 's job site block that generates in villages. It can be used to upgrade diamond gear into netherite gear.

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