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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tony Bennett's daughter Antonia?

Tony’s youngest child, Antonia, was born in 1974. Out of all of his kids, Antonia shares the deepest bond of music with her father. After studying at the Berklee College of Music, she became a successful alternative music and jazz singer.

Who is Tony Bennett's son Danny?

Danny Bennett Tony’s eldest son is Danny, who was born in 1954. While his dad opted for singing and performing, Danny aspired to be behind the camera.

What kind of songs should a father-daughter dance Playlist contain?

Songs could be traditional or non-traditional father-daughter dance songs. They could be upbeat or slow, old disco or modern father-daughter dance songs. The playlist should contain great songs that mean something to the duo.

Who is Tony Tony's daughter Joanna?

Tony’s daughter Joanna was born in 1970. The brunette beauty is also an actress, having appeared in hit films and TV shows like 2016’s Powers, 2015’s The Librarians and 2012’s Murderbot Productions. Most notably, though, Joanna is a stunt double.

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