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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TNVR for cats?

TNVR involves a caretaker who provides food, adequate shelter and monitoring of the cat's health. TNVR has been shown to be the least costly most efficient and humane way of stabilizing community, feral, outdoor cat populations. What is the difference between a stray cat, a feral cat, a free roaming or community cat?

What are the benefits of TNVR?

Cats live healthier, more peaceful lives after TNVR. TNVR protects cats’ lives. Nearly 100% of feral cats entering shelters are killed because they cannot be adopted. TNVR stops wasteful spending. Catching and killing cats has been a futile effort used by animal control and shelters across the country for decades.

What is the purpose of TNR?

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), the humane approach to addressing community cat populations, works. It saves cats’ lives and is effective. TNR improves the lives of cats, addresses community concerns, reduces complaints about cats, and stops the breeding cycle.

How much does TNVR cost in Palm Beach County?

The fee for TNVR of cats coming in from other counties is $50.00 per cat. We are very grateful to our private supporters, Palm Beach County and a private foundation for underwriting the cost of cat spay/neuter, vaccinations and microchips for free-roaming cats for TNVR. What is included in the TNVR procedure?

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