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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TNT stand for?

Trinitrotoluene. noun 26 13 A yellow crystalline aromatic compound, C 7 H 5 N 3 O 6 , used mainly as a high explosive. noun 18 16 TNT is defined as an abbreviation for the explosive trinitrotoluene. An example of TNT is the compound used in dynamite. abbreviation 2 3 Advertisement Origin of tnt t (ri)n (itro)t (oluene)

What is TNT and how was it discovered?

TNT was discovered by Julius Wilbrand in Germany around the 1860s. Wilbrand was trying to create a yellow dye with the chemical, not realizing that his mixture actually had the ability to start giant explosions. Created in 1863, it is slightly more stable than dynamite, ...

What are the uses of TNT?

Uses of TNT. TNT is used for several purposes, including: Munitions ; Demolitions; Military cartridge casings, bombs, and grenades; Preparation of dye-stuffs; Photographic chemicals; Production of charge transfer salt; Chemical Formula. The chemical formula of Trinitrotoluene (TNT) is C 7 H 5 N 3 O 6. TNT contains elements of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen.

What are the advantages of TNT?

TNT Rope Access provides a cost-effective and safe system for projects at heights or that are difficult to reach. The advantages in using rope access instead of expensive time-consuming traditional access methods such as, scaffolding, swing stages, aerial work platforms or cranes include, less set up and take down times, less manpower, and has less impact on the environment and job site.

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