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What happens in Chapter 20 of to kill a Mockingbird?

To Kill a Mockingbird | Chapter 20 | Summary. Summary. In the square Scout and Dill talk with Dolphus Raymond. Raymond has a black girlfriend and several mixed-race children, a situation that many people in Maycomb look down upon. Raymond offers Dill a drink from his ever-present brown bag to help settle his stomach.

What does Dolphus Raymond say in Chapter 20?

Summary: Chapter 20. Mr. Dolphus Raymond reveals that he is drinking from a paper sack. He commiserates with Dill and offers him a drink in a paper bag. Dill slurps up some of the liquid and Scout warns him not to take much, but Dill reveals to her that the drink isn’t alcoholic—it’s only Coca-Cola.

What does Calpurnia say to Atticus in Chapter 21?

Summary: Chapter 21 Calpurnia hands Atticus a note telling him that his children have not been home since noon. Mr. Underwood says that Jem and Scout are in the "colored balcony" (a balcony that's been designated for Black people) and have been there since just after one in the afternoon. Atticus tells them to go home and have supper.

What happens in Chapter 22 of Atticus?

They announce that they have unanimously found Tom Robinson to be guilty. As Atticus leaves, everyone in the balcony-the African American section-stands up in a gesture of respect for Atticus. In Chapter 22, Atticus and his family head home, and Jem cries that night over the loss of the case and the clear injustice shown to Tom Robinson.

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