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What happens in Chapter 16 of to kill a Mockingbird?

Summary: Chapter 16. The trial begins the next day. People from all over the county flood the town. Everyone makes an appearance in the courtroom, from Miss Stephanie Crawford to Mr. Dolphus Raymond, a wealthy eccentric who owns land on a river bank, lives near the county line, is involved with a Black woman, and has mulatto children.

What happens in Chapter 16 of Tom Robinson?

Chapter 16 opens with the start of Tom Robinson's trial. Almost everyone in the town seems to have shown up to see it. Perhaps the only exception is Miss Maudie, who doesn't want to see a man on trial for his life.

How does Aunt Alexandra react to Jem's run-in with the mob?

After a run-in the night before at the county jail between Atticus and a mob looking to kill Tom Robinson, the Finch home is filled with tension. Aunt Alexandra is particularly upset that Jem and Scout snuck out. Atticus, on the other hand, is grateful they showed up when they did.

What happened in Chapter 17 of the hate you give?

Summary: Chapter 17 The prosecutor, Mr. Gilmer, questions Heck Tate, who recounts how, on the night of November 21, Bob Ewell urged him to go to the Ewell house and told him that his daughter Mayella had been raped. When Tate got there, he found Mayella bruised and beaten, and she told him that Tom Robinson had raped her.

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