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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of weight plates at Titan fitness?

The different types of weight plates offered by Titan Fitness include cast iron, rubber-coated, bumper plates, fractional change plates, calibrated, competition, and technique. What is a bumper weight plate? A bumper weight plate is a solid rubber weight plate that has become popular for performing Olympic-style lifts.

What are Olympic weight plates for garage gyms?

olympic weight plates for garage gyms come in a wide variety of styles and colors. they all come with a standard 2-inch hole milled in the center that makes them olympic standard plates. with titan fitness quality, finding the best plates to start or maintain your fitness journey has never been simpler or more efficient.

How to choose the best cast iron weight plates for strength training?

When doing your lifting in your home gym, you want the quality of your cast iron weight plates for strength training to be of high quality. Keep in mind that a pair should be the same weight or very close to the same. Titan Fitness has high-quality cast iron weight plates that are perfect for home workouts.

What are weight plates made of?

Titan Fitness offers a variety of different weight plates, and many come in various materials. The most common material that weight plates are made of is cast iron. However, you can also purchase weights made from polymer, rubber, urethane, and steel. Are bumper plates only used for deadlifts and cleans?

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