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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a theatre organ?

Theatre organ. A theatre organ (also known as a theater organ, or [especially in the U.K.] a cinema organ) is a distinct type of pipe organ originally developed to provide music and sound effects to accompany silent films during the first 3 decades of the 20th century.

What is the Los Angeles Theatre Organ Society?

Originally developed to accompany silent films of the 1920s, its inimitable sound continues to captivate people from every generation. The Los Angeles Theatre Organ Society welcomes you to join our passionate group of listeners, musicians, historians and technicians.

How did theatre organ pipes change the sound of the organ?

Higher wind pressures increased the speaking volume of theatre organ pipes, and they were placed in chambers, usually high in the auditorium. The fronts of these chambers were covered with a set of swell shades which opened and closed like venetian blinds. When closed, the sound of the organ was reduced to a whisper.

What does a theatre organ console look like?

Given their prominent placement in houses of popular entertainment, theatre organ consoles were typically decorated in gaudy ways, with brightly colored stop tabs, and painted bright red and black, or solid gold, or ivory with gold trim, with built-in console lighting.

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