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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most sustainable fashion?

The most sustainable fashion is to be naked, but this is second best. NA-KD is a great brand for all your fashion needs, selling women’s clothing, outerwear and accessories on a mission to better the planet. The company has come a long way but recognizes the work isn’t over until they are fully sustainable.

What makes a clothing brand sustainable?

Creating timeless, long-lasting clothing meant to be worn again and again is one way a brand can approach sustainability. Another way the best sustainable clothing brands are working to reduce their harmful impact is by banning, or at least limiting, hazardous chemicals from the manufacturing process.

Is there such a thing as eco-friendly clothing?

One thing to know before you get started: No clothing brand is 100 percent eco-friendly, but there are plenty of brands working hard to mitigate the effects of manufacturing on our earth. Let us explain. What makes fashion sustainable? There are a handful of practices brands can put into place to be more friendly to the environment.

Is Zara a sustainable fashion brand?

The Los Angeles-based brand began in 2009 by selling vintage clothing and eventually expanded into making its own pieces. It is 100 percent carbon neutral and exclusively uses sustainable and upcycled materials to create the on-trend, stylish pieces it sells. As for leftover textile scraps? Those get recycled.

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