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Frequently Asked Questions

What is'the Little Red Hen'ebook?

Our 'The Little Red Hen' eBook is a wonderful retelling of the classic children's tale of the same name. It's been designed especially to support the teaching of reading and writing in children's first year of primary education in a fun and engaging way. Read More...

What is the theme of the Little Red Hen?

The story of The Little Red Hen is about cooperation, perseverance, and the importance of helping others. At the beginning of the story, The Little Red Hen finds some grains of wheat which she decides to plant so that she'll have some wheat to make bread.

What can I do with the Little Red Hen?

You could even incorporate the lovely story into your maths and numeracy teaching with our The Little Red Hen Counting Activity and this beautiful The Little Red Hen Addition to 10 Worksheet.

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