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Frequently Asked Questions

What does terminology mean?

Terminology is a group of specialized words and respective meanings in a particular field, and also the study of such terms and their use; the latter meaning is also known as terminology science.A term is a word, compound word, or multi-word expressions that in specific contexts is given specific meanings—these may deviate from the meanings the same words have in other contexts and in ...

How to use "terminology" in a sentence?

terminology in a sentence "It's difficult only because of the terminology. And in some cases, the terminology is even the same. Bochco added that he learned the terminology from actual vice cops. The help with terminology is " terrifically valuable ." Glossing over its worrisome implications, Beane ...

What is basic terminology?

Terminology is a discipline that studies, among other things, the development of such terms and their interrelationships within a specialized domain. Terminology differs from lexicography, as it involves the study of concepts, conceptual systems and their labels ( terms ), whereas lexicography studies words and their meanings.

What does terminology mean in English?

Terminology noun. the doctrine of terms; a theory of terms or appellations; a treatise on terms. Terminology noun. the terms actually used in any business, art, science, or the like; nomenclature; technical terms; as, the terminology of chemistry.

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