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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate terminal velocity?

To calculate terminal velocity, start by multiplying the mass of the object by 2. Then, multiply that number by the acceleration of the object due to gravity and write your answer down.

How long does it take to hit terminal velocity?

It is estimated that the human body will reach 99% of terminal velocity after falling 1,880 feet (573 meters) which takes anywhere from 10-14 seconds. With normal posture and normal atmospheric pressure, this is a speed between 117 and 125 miles per hour, or approximately 54 meters per second.

What is the maximum speed of terminal velocity?

Terminal velocity usually refers to the maximum free fall speed of something falling from an extreme height in the atmosphere. A human body, particularly an unconscious or incapacitated human body, will fall with a terminal velocity of approximately 120 mph.

How long to reach terminal velocity?

In general, a person falling through the air on Earth reaches terminal velocity after about 12 seconds, which covers about 450 meters or 1500 feet. A skydiver in the belly-to-earth position reaches a terminal velocity of about 195 km/hr (54 m/s or 121 mph).

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