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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get a terminal illness?

A terminal illness is a disease that cannot be cured or treated (for an improved prognosis) and is thus likely to cause death within no more than a few years. A person diagnosed with a terminal illness is often likely to experience a wide range of emotions, such as grief, regret, or sadness, among others.

What are the five stages of terminal illness?

Counseling the terminally ill. The diagnoses of a terminal disease is rarely met immediately with a sense of peace and acceptance, most often the individual in question will travel though five separate stages of grief. These stages, in order, are: Denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.

What is the most common terminal illness?

Any combination of the following symptoms are considered “normal” in terminally ill people: disbelief. panic. anxiety. anger. bitterness. denial. vulnerability.

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