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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes terminal ileum?

Disease of the terminal ileum is most commonly due to Crohn's disease (Chapter 143 ), which also may lead to ileal resection, but it also can be caused by radiation enteritis, tropical sprue, tuberculosis, Yersinia infection, or idiopathic bile salt malabsorption . These diseases cause bile salt wasting in the colon.

What is the function of terminal?

The function of a terminal is confined to display and input of data; a device with significant local programmable data processing capability may be called a "smart terminal" or fat client.

What does terminal ileum and colon mean?

The gastrointestinal tract consists of stomach, small intestines and large intestine or colon. Terminal ileum is the distal part of small bowel that enters the proximal part of large bowel (cecum) at ileocecal valve.Small bowel contributes to digestion of food and colon usually storage area of stool. Thank. 1 Thanks.

What causes thickening of the terminal ileum?

Ileum is part of the small intestine. In your context it could mean that you are suffering from Crohns disease, thickening of the ileum is also seen in Tuberculosis and other infections. Crohn's disease is normally treated by 5-ASA.

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