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Frequently Asked Questions

What is temporal pain in overexertion?

As a rule, the character of temporal pain in overexertion is described as pressure or the capture of the temples of the temples or a whole strip around the head. Often there is a connection with pain in the neck, with pain below the neck.

How do I know if I have temporal arteritis?

Usually, your doctor will perform a biopsy of the artery that they suspect is affected to make a definitive diagnosis. This can be done as an outpatient procedure using local anesthesia. An ultrasound may provide an additional clue about whether or not you have temporal arteritis. CT and MRI scans are often not helpful.

What are the complications of temporal arteritis?

Potential complications of temporal arteritis. If temporal arteritis isn’t treated, serious, potentially life-threatening complications can occur. They include: inflammation and damage to other blood vessels in the body. development of aneurysms, including aortic aneurysms. vision loss. eye muscle weakness.

What is temporal arterial thrombosis?

Although it usually occurs in the temporal arteries and other blood vessels in the head, it can also affect other medium and large blood vessels such as the aorta and its branches. People who have this condition are at risk of serious complications.

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