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Frequently Asked Questions

Is reversing atherosclerosis possible?

Reversing atherosclerosis is possible by undergoing a surgery or it is possible if a balanced diet is followed and exercises are performed regularly. The breakages and cracks in the walls of the arteries are observed when there is a deficiency of vitamin C. In such cases, the body is compelled to use cholesterol to patch those bruised arteries.

Does arteriosclerosis mean chest pains?

Some of the symptoms that an individual with Atherosclerosis or Arteriosclerosis may experience are chest pain or pressure, sudden episodes of numbness and weakness in the arms or legs in case if the arteries going to the brain gets blocked along with slurred speech, drooping muscles in the face.

What is arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease?

Hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (HACD) is a heart problem that is caused by hardening of arteries, which can be due to different reasons. It can be due to formation of lipid in the arteries and generally the process starts in the childhood of a person.

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