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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best treatment for temporal arteritis?

The mainstay of therapy for temporal arteritis is glucocorticoids, such as oral prednisone. Patients sometimes need to take glucorticoids for up to two years, sometimes longer; the dosage is gradually reduced over this period.

What are the natural remedies for temporal arteritis?

Tips to help naturally protect or improve your blood vessels include: Start slowly with exercise. Some people find their temporal arteritis causes pain or stiffness when they are active. Speak to your doctor about the best exercise program for you. Do aerobic exercise. This gets you out of breath a bit.

What are the symptoms of temporal arteritis?

Temporal arteritis may feel like a migraine at first, as it starts with throbbing in the temple on one side of your head. But unlike a migraine, temporal arteritis makes your temples tender to the touch. And the throbbing may be constant. This is a condition that needs medical help right away.

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