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Frequently Asked Questions

What state has the most telephone area codes?

The state of California has the largest number of US state area codes, 36 of them! Texas has the second most with 27 and Florida has 18 different area codes.

How were telephone area codes assigned in the US?

Originally the system was setup for the United States and Canada. USA states and Canadian provinces were each asigned a 3 digit code with a 0 as the middle number. Eight-six area codes were first assigned. Large Metropolitan areas, such as the New York area, were given numbers with the addition of the numberal 1 in the middle digit.

How many telephone area codes are in the US?

There are 680 usable area codes in the United States, of which 215 are currently in use. Each area code has 7,920,000 telephone numbers (out of a possible 10,000,000) available within it.

How do telephone area codes work?

Area codes arethe portion of a telephone number that routes calls to their destination. When the area code is combined with the first three digits of a seven-digit local telephone number (known as the NXX code or Central Office code), a geographic address is formed that routes calls through the telephone network.

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