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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we detect mutations?

Detection of unknown mutations can involve sequencing of kilobases of DNA, often in many patients. This has lead to the development of methods to screen DNA for mutations as well as methods to detect previously described mutations. This review … Mutation detection is important in all areas of biology.

What are the screening methods for unknown mutations?

Screening methods for unknown mutations as well as methods for the detection of known mutations are included. Though DNA sequencing techniques will not be covered, we stress that DNA sequencing is considered the gold standard and remains the definitive procedure for the detection of mutations so far.

What is an example of mutational analysis?

An example of this type of mutation is Burkitt lymphoma. These mutations can be beneficial (or detrimental) depending on which gene they affect. Mutational analysis assists with identifying unknown mutations as well as identifying precursors to diseases and disorders by allowing researchers to study these mutations in a control environment.

What are the different types of genetic testing methods?

The following sections provide an overview of genetic testing methods that range from detecting or examining a single gene to the whole genome. Polymerase chain reaction ( PCR) is a common technique for making numerous copies of short DNA sections from a very small sample of genetic material.

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