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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be technically sound?

Technically is defined as according to facts so when one says am technically sound they are likely saying they have the capacity to think, reason and understand for themselves. Being Technically sound is simply being good at ur technical skills may it b theoretical or practical.

What is another word for technical?

other words for technical. high-tech. industrial. mechanical. professional. scholarly. scientific. special. specialized.

What is the adjective for sound?

sound. [ sound ] SEE DEFINITION OF sound. adj. complete, healthy. adj. logical, reasonable. adj. accepted, established. noun something heard or audible. verb produce noise. verb give the impression.

What does technically sounds like a plan mean?

It means we're agreeing with someone's idea and point of view thinking that's what we meant to hear from. 2 When you are asked to go somewhere for lunch or dinner it's technically sounds like a plan because it is a good plan on going.

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