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Frequently Asked Questions

How many technical writers work in New Zealand?

According to the Census, 546 technical writers worked in New Zealand in 2018. electronics and equipment manufacturers. Many technical writers are self-employed and work on contract. Absolute IT, 'Tech and Digital Remuneration Report', accessed May 2021, (

What are the entry requirements to become a technical writer?

Entry requirements. There are no specific entry requirements to become a technical writer. However, excellent writing skills are required and most employers look for people with a tertiary qualification such as an English degree or certificate in technical communication.

What does a technical writer do?

Technical writers create content for printed and online media, such as user guides and webpages, and present it in a way that can be easily accessed and understood. Source: Absolute IT, Hays and TechCommNZ, 2021. Chances of getting a job as a technical writer are good due to high demand for their skills. There are no specific training requirements.

What is a writing course?

This course identifies common writing mistakes, and explains how to overcome them. Attendees will gain practical tools they can immediately implement to improve their writing. All engineers, regardless of whether English is their first language Dr Gigi Fenster studied law in South Africa.

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