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Frequently Asked Questions

What is technical writing?

Technical writing involves writing about a specific subject that requires explanation, direction or instruction in publications such as reports, manuals and standard operating procedure guides.

How will online courses help me learn about technical writing?

Online courses can help you sharpen your writing skills and guide you through the technical writing process. Some courses may focus on specific writing formats, such as emails and memos, and others can enhance your research skills.

What is the purpose of the writ­ing course?

This course is intend­ed for any­one who must write pro­ce­dures or man­u­als for oth­ers, or for any­one explor­ing the tech­ni­cal writ­ing pro­fes­sion. Exam­ine the tasks, process­es and tech­niques for writ­ing instruc­tions and guides that are use­ful and easy to read.

Can you work full time as a technical writer?

As a technical writer, you can work full-time for a company or offer your skills on a freelance basis, working on short-term projects. What kinds of people are best suited for technical writing roles? If you're an inquisitive person with an eye for small details, you may be well suited for a technical writing job.

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