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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you view and download meeting attendance reports in Teams?

Look for the file in your device's Downloads folder. You'll find the attendance report in a few different places. In Teams, go to Calendar , open the meeting, and select the Attendance tab. You can view the data directly in Teams. For recurring meetings, select the report you want to view from the dropdown list.

What is the Microsoft Teams meeting attendance report?

If you've organized a Teams meeting, you can download a current attendance report during the meeting as well as a final report after the meeting. The report includes the name of each person in the meeting and the time they joined. Your admin needs to turn on this feature to make it available.

How do I access the attendance details?

You can access the attendance details from the meeting calendar entry and the meeting’s chat. To access from the event entry: Open “Teams.” Click on “Calendar” then open the meeting. The attendance information will display. The “Attendance list” will display in the meeting chat only to the meeting organizer. Click on the download icon.

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