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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 32 inch TV to buy?

The best 32 inch smart TV with a 1080p resolution is the TCL 32S327. It's an entry-level model from 2019 that you can still find available to purchase. The newer TCL 3 Series 2020 is available in a 32 inch size but only with a 720p resolution.

Why does my TCL TV keep restarting?

Why does my TCL TV keep restarting? The frustrating restarts could be caused by several things. It is recommended to see if there is a new firmware update for your Roku TV and update it. If this doesn’t help you can try to reset your TV to factory settings which could eventually eliminate any apps that might cause this issue to occur.

Which size TCL TV?

TCL TV sizes range diagonally from 32 inches to 65 inches. TCL TV widths range from 29 inches to 57 inches. Use this measurement if you want to fit a TV into a cabinet or entertainment center.

What is a Tcl Roku TV?

TCL Roku TV is a new Smart TV that uses the Roku OS to give consumers quick-and-easy access to all of their entertainment from a personalized home screen. The TCL Roku TV lineup features TCL’s stylish slim-frame design, advanced-panel technology, and premium LED backlighting that offers enhanced brightness and contrast.

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