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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taiwan better than China?

Taiwan has a much better living environment compared to China. Taiwan is a modern democracy with a free press where as if you live in China your access to media is restricted (some websites are blocked etc). The quality of air and water in Taiwan is much better than in China.

Is there an U.S. military base in Taiwan?

The United States hasn't had bases in Taiwan since 1979. The former site of the U.S. Taiwan Defense Command headquarters is now a fine-arts museum in Taipei. The Army could ease the transition by acquiring an additional squadron of prepositioning ships carrying weapons, ammunition and supplies.

Can China invade Taiwan?

Nor will China be able to invade Taiwan for at least a decade, if not much longer. As such, Washington need not abandon its policy of strategic ambiguity. China should be deterred from attempting an invasion by the military impracticalities of the scenario, regardless of U.S. policy.

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