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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get tainted Cain?

Tainted Cain starts with 2 heart containers, 1 key, and the Bag of Crafting in the consumable slot. Tainted Cain can't obtain items through any means other than the Bag of Crafting, and attempting to take an item from a pedestal will reduce it into an assortment of pickups.

What is the bag of crafting in tainted Cain?

The Bag of Crafting is a new item in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, which Tainted Cain starts with. It can be used to store 8 consumables in, such as hearts, coins, keys and bombs etc. When the bag has 8 items you can hold down the activate button for 2 seconds to craft yourself a brand new item!

Can tainted Cain create his own destiny?

As Tainted Cain has "No Destiny", he must create his own with the Bag of Crafting. While it is tempting to place pickups like coins and health into the Bag of Crafting as soon as they are encountered, this will likely only lead to the creation of lower quality items.

What can you do with everything jar in tainted Cain?

Everything Jar: Produces a number of useful pickups for crafting, in particular gold bombs, hearts and keys which are harder to find. Furthermore, the gold bombs and keys allow Tainted Cain greater access to further resources without needing to expend normal bombs and keys.

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