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Frequently Asked Questions

What is responsivetailwind datepicker?

Tailwind datepicker Responsive Datepicker built with the latest Tailwind. A plugin that adds date picker functionality without custom JS code. It supports internationalization, different formats & customization options.

How do I add a timepicker to my calendar?

The Datepicker allows you to display multiple calendars per view by using the monthsPerView prop. Since ^2.2 You can add a timepicker by setting the timepicker prop. The timepicker is currently no compatible with the `range` and `multiple` options and you cannot disable specific times for the moment.

How does the datepicker work with range values?

The Datepicker is compatible with "range" values, when range is set, the value of the model will expect an array where the first element represents the "from" value, and the second one the "to" value.

How do I add multiple locales to the date-picker?

If you need multiple locales you can use the locales prop of the date-picker, when using the component you can switch the active language by using the lang prop: Import all the locale files you need from the vue-tailwind/dist/l10n/ {localename} path. Add those locales to the configuration settings when installing the library:

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